How many times have you heard from friends and family of their nightmare experiences at the hands of 'rogue' builders? Having building work done, does not need turn into a nightmare.

We believe the key to a successful project is that it is based on a strong foundation. This means your project must be properly planned and organised at the outset.

These documents provide you with legally enforceable proof of what both parties have agreed. It's there in black and white at the outset of your project for your piece of mind, there are no grey areas open to misunderstandings.

We provide an all-inclusive package. You will only have to deal with ourselves, you do not need to organise the different trades etc. Once your order has been confirmed we will provide you with the following documentation.

A binding contract, this will provide details of both parties obligations and responsibilities during your building project. This contract will be written in as much Plain English as possible.


If you have chosen to use our design service, we will provide you with a full set of working drawings for your project.

Programme of Works

After discussions with yourself regarding when you wish the project to start, we will provide you a project programme. This will provide you with information regarding the start dates and durations of the various stages of the build process, through to completion. This will keep you fully informed of what is happening on your project.

As we have stated elsewhere on this web site, we are committed to bring the professionalism demanded by the private sector to the domestic market.

If you would like to see what we have to offer please use our enquiry form, and we will contact you as soon as possible






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